The Healthcare in Shape symposium is the leading annual event exploring the intersection of design, technology and healthcare. It welcomes all healthcare professionals, researchers, designers, policy makers and students with an interest or expertise in rethinking, designing, implementing and evaluating novel solutions and strategies for a Healthcare system in Shape.

Designers and healthcare providers share a common goal: to keep individuals, communities and societies in shape by addressing health issues along a continuum from wellness to serious illness. How do you design an evidence-based, future-proof, high quality, sustainable and inclusive health system? Join the discussions and interactions and gain new insights and connections.

Highlights from Healthcare In Shape Symposium 2023

Keynote of Alec Momont (Apple)
The inaugural Healthcare in Shape Symposium was an overwhelming success. We’d like to thank all of our contributors and attendees for making it a meaningful day filled with engaging workshops, insightful keynotes and dynamic panel discussions led by more than 28 contributors.

The day began with NWO president Marcel Levi reminding us that our healthcare systems have never been more advanced. At the same time, the pressures on healthcare are forcing us to radically rethink the way we deliver care and deal with workforce shortages. Alec Momont from Apple argued for a designer’s oath, like the doctor’s oath. A designer’s oath to design where form follows emotion, to be inclusive, to be curious by asking the question behind the question, and to dare to ask. Yoko Sen, artist and founder of Sen Sound, took us through her personal story of what it means to be a designer for health. How a personal experience compelled her to take action and transform health systems in a profound way. We concluded with a moving interview with Roland van Esch, country manager at Zimmer Biomet, about what it means to be both a health manager and a healthcare user at the same time.

Symposium Photo Gallery

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Organizing committee

Elif Özcan Vieira

Symposium Chair

Associate Professor at TU Delft & Care Technology Lead, Erasmus MC The Netherlands

Richard Goossens

Design & Health Scientific Director

Program Director Convergence Health and Technology at Delft University, Erasmus Medical Center, Erasmus University

Judith Rietjens

Symposium Co-Chair

Professor Design for Public Health at TU Delft, The Netherlands

Valentijn Visch

Symposium Co-Chair

Associate Professor Design for Health Motivation at TU Delft, The Netherlands

Jeroen Raijmakers

Design Exhibition curator

Sr Director Design Innovation at Philips and visiting professor at IDE TU Delft

Hilbrand Bodewes

Event & Program Design

Head of Delft Design Innovation & Impact, Coordinator Health at TU Delft, Netherlands Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering

Matthijs Netten

Event & Program Design

Project Manager TU Delft, The Netherlands

Mariska Nederpel -

van der Ham

Symposium Operations

Delft Innovation & Impact Team TU Delft, The Netherlands

Valentina Guadagno

Communication and Graphic Design

MsC student Design for Interaction TU Delft, The Netherlands

Leon van Klaveren

Event & Program Design

Project Manager at Delft Design Innovation & Impact Team TU Delft, The Netherlands

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